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All Of Statistics

ISBN 10 : 9780387217369
ISBN 13 : 0387217363

Taken literally, the title "All of Statistics" is an exaggeration. But in spirit, the title is apt, as the book does cover a much broader range of topics than a typical introductor..

All Of Statistics

ISBN 10 : 0387402721
ISBN 13 : 9780387402727

This book surveys a broad range of topics in probability and mathematical statistics. It provides the statistical background that a computer scientist needs to work in the area of ..

All Of Statistics

ISBN 10 : 1468495526
ISBN 13 : 9781468495522


All Of Nonparametric Statistics

ISBN 10 : 0387306234
ISBN 13 : 9780387306230

This text provides the reader with a single book where they can find accounts of a number of up-to-date issues in nonparametric inference. The book is aimed at Masters or PhD level..

All Of Statistics A Concise Course In Statistical Inference

ISBN 10 : 9781467201599
ISBN 13 : 1467201596

Facts101 is your complete guide to All of Statistics, A Concise Course in Statistical Inference. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. W..

Principles Of Statistics

ISBN 10 : 9780486135205
ISBN 13 : 0486135209

Concise description of classical statistics, from basic dice probabilities to modern regression analysis. Equal stress on theory and applications. Moderate difficulty; only basic c..

Principles Of Statistical Inference

ISBN 10 : 9780521685672
ISBN 13 : 0521685672

A comprehensive, balanced account of the theory of statistical inference, its main ideas and controversies...