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The Hidden Brain

ISBN 10 : 1588369390
ISBN 13 : 9781588369390

The hidden brain is the voice in our ear when we make the most important decisions in our lives—but we’re never aware of it. The hidden brain decides whom we fall in love with ..

The Hidden Brain

ISBN 10 : 9780385525213
ISBN 13 : 0385525214

Draws on recent findings to explain how the unconscious mind evolved as a survival mechanism, how it affects the outcomes of world events, and why it is responsible for many of the..

The Hidden Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781921640247
ISBN 13 : 1921640243

What if it is simply unconscious biases — in the way of memory, emotion and attention — that produce most misunderstandings and conflicts between people, groups and even nation..

Idea Mapping

ISBN 10 : 9781118429297
ISBN 13 : 111842929X


The Elephant In The Brain

ISBN 10 : 9780190496012
ISBN 13 : 0190496010

Human beings are primates, and primates are political animals. Our brains, therefore, are designed not just to hunt and gather, but also to help us get ahead socially, often via de..

The Gardener And The Carpenter

ISBN 10 : 9781429944335
ISBN 13 : 1429944331

One of the world's leading child psychologists shatters the myth of "good parenting" Caring deeply about our children is part of what makes us human. Yet the thing we call "parenti..


ISBN 10 : 9780307908780
ISBN 13 : 030790878X

A groundbreaking investigation of the brain’s hidden logic behind our strangest behaviors, and of how conscious and unconscious systems interact in order to create our experience..