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Sons of the Hydra (Alpha Legion)

In the hostile universe of the 41st millennium, where allegiances are ever fickle, few of the Emperor’s sons are more difficult to understand or predict than the Alpha Legion. Branded traitor since the Heresy, their motives and actions have always been shrouded in mystery. Alpha Legionnaire Occam the Untrue leads his warband out of its hunting grounds in the Maelstrom on an epic quest for salvation, not just for himself, but for his whole Legion. With the forces of the Inquisition snapping…

Shattered Legions

Pub Date : 2017-10-10 | Author : Laurie Goulding | Publisher : Games Workshop

ISBN 10 : 1784966290
ISBN 13 : 9781784966294

Massive anthology of short stories themed around the guerrilla war waged by the remnants of the three Space Marine Legions massacred at Isstvan V. Driven almost to the brink of sel..

Praetorian Of Dorn

Pub Date : 2017-01-10 | Author : John French | Publisher : Games Workshop

ISBN 10 : 1784964379
ISBN 13 : 9781784964375

The Horus Heresy reaches the Solar System - will the defences of Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists hold against the onslaught? Recalled from the Great Crusade after Ullanor, Rogal ..

Dark Apostle

Pub Date : 2007-09-25 | Author : Anthony Reynolds | Publisher : Games Workshop

ISBN 10 : 1844165078
ISBN 13 : 9781844165070

Driven by dark visions, Dark Apostle Jarulek and his forces from the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines ravage the Imperial planet of Tanakreg, brutally enslaving its inhabitants and..

The Horus Heresy 07 Legion

Pub Date : 2014-08 | Author : Dan Abnett | Publisher : Black Library

ISBN 10 : 1849708061
ISBN 13 : 9781849708067

A Great War is coming, and it will engulf the Imperium of Man. The Space Marines of the Alpha Legion, the last and most secretive of all the Astartes brotherhoods, arrive on a heat..

Deliverance Lost

Pub Date : 2014-08-26 | Author : Gav Thorpe | Publisher : Games Workshop

ISBN 10 : 1849708266
ISBN 13 : 9781849708265

Book eighteen in the New York Times bestselling series As the Horus Heresy divides the Imperium, Corax and his few remaining Raven Guard escape the massacre at Isstvan V. Tending t..

A Thousand Sons

Pub Date : 2014-08-26 | Author : Graham McNeill | Publisher : Games Workshop

ISBN 10 : 1849708207
ISBN 13 : 9781849708203

Book twelve in the New York Times bestselling series The Great Crusade is at its height, and the Thousand Sons are its most dedicated warriors. Though utterly loyal, the Legion of ..

Shadow Of Ullanor

Pub Date : 2016-10-25 | Author : Rob Sanders | Publisher : Games Workshop

ISBN 10 : 1784962163
ISBN 13 : 9781784962166

For mankind to survive, a last-ditch attempt to destroy the ork menace must succeed. The Imperium’s attempts to defeat the ork menace seem doomed to failure; it is only a matter ..


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