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The Art of Hiding

What would you do if you learned that the life you lived was a lie?

Nina McCarrick lives the perfect life, until her husband, Finn, is killed in a car accident and everything Nina thought she could rely on unravels.

Alone, bereft and faced with a mountain of debt, Nina quickly loses her life of luxury and she begins to question whether she ever really knew the man she married. Forced to move out of her family home, Nina returns to the rundown Southampton council estate—and the sister—she…

The Art Of Hiding

ISBN 10 : 1611099552
ISBN 13 : 9781611099553

Nina McCarrick has it all: a loving husband, two beautiful boys, a well-appointed home and more time than she knows what to do with. Life is perfect. Until her husband, Finn, is ki..

Hiding In Plain Sight

ISBN 10 : 9780471444497
ISBN 13 : 0471444499

Explains exactly what steganography is–hiding a message inside an innocuous picture or music file–and how it has become a popular tool for secretly sending and receiving messag..

The Hiding Place

ISBN 10 : 1441232885
ISBN 13 : 9781441232885

"Every experience God gives us . . . is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see."--Corrie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker who became a heroine of the..

Hiding Heidi

ISBN 10 : 9781471144493
ISBN 13 : 1471144496

An atmospheric, enchanting story, skillfully drawn by exciting new talent, Fiona Woodcock about a little girl with an amazing gift for concealing herself. Can YOU find Heidi?..

Pigs In Hiding

ISBN 10 : 0590445030
ISBN 13 : 9780590445030

A game of hide-and-seek played by a number of pigs allows the reader to find the animals in their hiding places...

The Hiding Places

ISBN 10 : 9781409148593
ISBN 13 : 1409148599

The perfect book group read for fans of Kate Morton, Rachel Hore and Santa Montefiore. A secret buried so deep, only a liar could uncover it '..towards the end, comes a twist in th..

Hiding In The Spotlight

ISBN 10 : 1605981281
ISBN 13 : 9781605981284

The author relates the remarkable story of his pianist mother, a child prodigy who escaped certain death when the Nazis invaded Ukraine, adopted a new identity, and came under the ..


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