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The Betrayed: A shocking, gritty thriller that will hook you from the first…

Hells bellsan explosive story, one that I found impossible to put down even for a few minutesa gripping read.’ The Book Review Café, 5 Stars.

If you can’t trust your family, who can you trust?

Colleen Byrne is wife to one of the biggest faces on the streets of Soho, Jimmy Byrne.  He promised her the life of luxury, but behind the diamonds and fur coats is a dangerous world of violence and lies.  With her two children, Nancy and Daniel, Colleen is in too deep, bound to…

The Betrayed

ISBN 10 : 9781786811400
ISBN 13 : 1786811405

‘Hells bells … an explosive story, one that I found impossible to put down even for a few minutes … a gripping read.’ The Book Review Café, 5 Stars. If you can’t trust y..

The Promise

ISBN 10 : 9781786811349
ISBN 13 : 1786811340


Born Bad

ISBN 10 : 9781786692542
ISBN 13 : 1786692546

Book 1 in this new, gritty Manchester crime trilogy. When your enemies get close, family loyalty is all you can trust. Brother and sister Peter and Adele Robinson never stood a cha..


ISBN 10 : 9780751561067
ISBN 13 : 0751561061

'Well into Martina Cole territory' Independent THE ADDICTIVE NEW THRILLER: NO ONE KNOWS CRIME LIKE KRAY Lolly has always known her mum was different. Sometimes Angela Bruce was ill..

The Taken

ISBN 10 : 1786810778
ISBN 13 : 9781786810779

When you've lost everything, you'll do anything to survive. Saskia Frost's world is blown apart when her dad dies. Without any family, she's on her own now and up to her eyeballs i..


ISBN 10 : 0007521847
ISBN 13 : 9780007521845

The No.1 Sunday Times bestseller If you don't face your enemies - they'll stab you in the back. One of them has a gun to his head, but who has their hand on the trigger? There are ..

The Last London Gangster

ISBN 10 : 9781483564234
ISBN 13 : 1483564231

Mickey Walker is a notorious and well respected drug smuggler and business man living in London. After returning home from prison after serving 7 years for smuggling marijuana his ..

East End Diamond

ISBN 10 : 1533371067
ISBN 13 : 9781533371065

With Martin Morton banged up, Dave Carter thinks he's on easy street. But Martin's wife, Babs, has other ideas. She knows she can be just as clever and brutal as a man given a chan..

The White Carnation

ISBN 10 : 9781440591198
ISBN 13 : 1440591199

The last person disgraced reporter Faye Lewis wants back in her life is Detective Rob Halliday, the man she blames for ruining her career and breaking her heart. But when she finds..


ISBN 10 : 9781472201065
ISBN 13 : 147220106X

Betrayal by Sunday Times No.1 bestseller, Martina Cole, author of DANGEROUS LADY, THE TAKE, GET EVEN and many more, is a gripping novel about the bonds that make - or break - a fam..


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