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Tips for Living

On the day Nora discovered that her husband, Hugh, had gotten another woman pregnant, she made a vow: I will come back to life no matter how long it takes…

It’s taken Nora three years. With the help of her best friend, she fled New York City for a small resort town, snagged a job as the advice columnist for the local paper, and is cautiously letting a new man into her life. But when Hugh and his perfect new family move into a house nearby, Nora backslides. Coping with jealousy,…

The Nordic Guide To Living 10 Years Longer

Pub Date : 2017-04-29 | Author : Bertil Marklund | Publisher : Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN 10 : 9781771642927
ISBN 13 : 1771642920

A short guide to a long life, The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer is a pragmatic little book that channels the simple, healthy lifestyle of Scandinavia. Swedish doctor Berti..

The Dating Guidebook

Pub Date : 2013-02-14 | Author : The Dating Advice Girl | Publisher : AuthorHouse

ISBN 10 : 9781481711685
ISBN 13 : 1481711687

Take Control of YOUR Dating Life with... The Dating Guidebook Are you tired of reading relationship books that suggest that your only option is to find The One? Where are the books..


Pub Date : 2015-11-28 | Author : Jessica Rowshandel, LMSW | Publisher : Demos Health

ISBN 10 : 1936303876
ISBN 13 : 9781936303878

Expert advice and strategies to improve your health and quality of life with lupus. Filled with practical tips and support, Lupus: 365 Tips for Living Well offers reliable, easy to..

You Can Cope With Peripheral Neuropathy

Pub Date : 2010-05-07 | Author : Norman Latov | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 9781458755988
ISBN 13 : 1458755983

Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common diseases most people never heard ofand yet, upwards of 20 million Americans have it! It is estimated that 60 to 70 percent of people..

Awesome Life Tips

Pub Date : 2014-06-28 | Author : Stephenie Zamora | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0692216642
ISBN 13 : 9780692216644

Awesome Life Tips is a collection of 365 tips for living a life you love by creating more depth and connection, building fulfilling relationships, creating alignment with your purp..

What To Expect When You Have Diabetes

Pub Date : 2015-01-27 | Author : American Diabetes Associa | Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 9781680990331
ISBN 13 : 1680990330

Managing a chronic disease like diabetes can be overwhelming, even frightening—especially if you're among the 1.5 million Americans who are newly diagnosed each year. Now there's..

Best Of The Cheapskate Monthly

Pub Date : 2011-04-01 | Author : Mary Hunt | Publisher : St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN 10 : 9781429922555
ISBN 13 : 1429922559

Mary Hunt is a self-avowed reformed spendthrift and credit-card junkie. When she and her family of four found themselves $100,000 in debt and her husband suddenly lost his job, it ..


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